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Bemidji is a wonderful place to call home.
Just ask the 46,000 folks who live and work in and around this big small town.

Bemidji is a thriving community with top tier higher education, outstanding K-12 schools, a major health care center, convenient air service, fine dining, a vibrant arts scene and the hottest commercial buzz in northern MN. The availability of high quality child care is integral to the continued success and future growth of this vibrant community.

Paul and Babe in Bemidji, Minnesota

In 2018, Bemidji was chosen by First Children’s Finance to participate in the Rural Child Care Innovation Program and began working towards creating sustainable solutions that increase the supply of affordable and high quality child care in the area. A core team of 28 members was established from various backgrounds to work together toward solutions.

One important goal the core team identified was creating a comprehensive website to allow Bemidji child care providers to showcase and market their business philosophy for parents seeking child care, as well as provide child care provider support. With any and all local and state-wide resources available surrounding child care and education, this website provides easy access to information with an up-to-date catalog of available child care in the area housed all in one place.

Thank you to the Bemidji Area Rural Child Care Innovation Program Core Team for their vision and hard work to create this site. A special thank you to Erin Echternach, Anne Lindseth, Denae Alamano, Cailee Furer, Billie Jo Greene, Casey Mai, Dana Patsie, Lydia Pietruszewski, Olive Smith, and Ashley Stevens for their focused work on designing and compiling information for this website.

Woman holding small child on the floor as they play

For more information, contact:

Anne Lindseth
Economic Services Division Director, Beltrami County


Should you see an opportunity to improve the site or have any questions about the Bemidji Area Rural Child Care Innovation Program, please contact us!

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