Chelsey Crotty

Age for group family day care: Beginning August 31, 2020. Details forthcoming -

Business Philosophy: I decided to become a childcare provider because I love kids. Having two children of my own, I have been through the daycare struggle and know firsthand how frustrating it can be. That being said, I wanted to be a light for parents looking for quality care for their children. I value creativity, imagination, nutrition, exercise, kindness, and education, and it is my goal to showcase those values each and every day. 

What makes you Unique? I believe I am unique because I value a small and intimate setting for these children. I do not want to have more than 6 children in my care because I feel they lose that connectedness if I am pulled in too many different directions. Another unique aspect of my care is my education. I earned a BS in Psychology and Nutrition and strive to encourage developmental and nutritional growth for these children. We eat very little processed foods and enjoy local meat and vegetables whenever possible.

What is your favorite thing about Bemidji?Having moved around a lot as a child, I enjoy the community in Bemidji. I love that my boys will grow up with Raphael's donuts every Friday, Beaver Hockey games in the winter, and numerous trips to Lake Bemidji. Bemidji is full of kind-hearted, genuine people, and I cannot imagine a better place to raise my kids.

What sets you apart?

  • I have no pets
  • Most foods served locally grown and/or organic
  • No more than 30 min of TV time allowed each day
  • Smoke-free home
  • Use Preschool Curriculum

Restrictions: None

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