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The following are links to information specific to Child Care Center licensing, rules, and regulations, etc., as well as links to current progress on state and federal legislation related to early care and education.

  • Child Care Center Licensing
    • Contains information on licensing child care centers, news & updates, changes in policies & procedures, license & renewal applications and procedures, training, inspections, health & safety, and more.
  • Minnesota Statutes and Administrative Rules
    • Contains details on Child Care Center rules specific to Minnesota licensed Child Care Centers.
  • Guide to Becoming a Licensed Family Child Care Provider
    • This handbook is designed to help you decide if opening a family child care business is the right decision for you, guide you through the process of applying for a license, and help you understand what is required of a licensed family child care program in the state of Minnesota.

Bemidji Initiatives

SF 3292 and SF 827 Image (1)

Beltrami County Family Child Care Providers were surveyed in February 2019 and again in October regarding proposed changes to legislation that would have a significant impact on the infant care crisis we are experiencing in the Bemidji area.

In working with Senator Paul Utke, this bill was drafted in direct response to the efforts
of the Bemidji Area Rural Child Care Innovation Program Core Team members compiling
and analyzing those surveys and their work advocating for these changes.

"Providers do not have the ability to care for more infants and toddlers because of the current child-adult capacity ratios. Increased capacity and access to child care will help businesses attract and retain employees and have a very positive economic impact on the child care profession, as well."

  Jeri Francis, Beltrami County Licensed Family Child Care Provider

S.F. NO. 827
Group Family daycare child-adult capacity ratios: age distribution restrictions.
  • Click HERE to read the first version of S.F. NO. 827 authored by Senator Utke
    • 2/16/21- Committee on Human Services Licensing Policy verbal testimony
      • S.F. NO. 827 is introduced by Senator Utke
      • NOTE: Forward video recording to 28.06 to start at the beginning of the full discussion and introduction of S.F. NO. 827
      • 4 Letters of Written Testimony
  • Click HERE to read the full S.F. NO. 827 in the final amended version
  • Click HERE to read the full S.F. NO. 383
    • This is the Omnibus Bill brought forth by the Senate which contains the proposed amended language from S.F. NO. 827
    • The language that is specific to SF. NO. 827 starts at Line 341.18
  • 2021-2022 92nd Legislature in Recess to Date

S.F. NO. 3292 - *Tabled due to COVID-19 pandemic

Subd. 10:
Group Family day care child-adult capacity ratios; age distribution restrictions.

  • Group License for 10 Children
  • Group License for 12 Children
  • Group License for 18 Children

Click HERE to listen to testimony on this S.F. NO. 3292

Learn more about why this amendment is important for Beltrami County Families.